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  I'm in Florida, what can I say.

Summer hello


Exciting News

Our Sanibel Art booth is located near the Ft Myers International Airport and if you are interested in ordering or seeing any of my works please call 239-400-0334


Hello summer 2016 lots of new works and I hope you enjoy them.


We have a new painting line in New Orleans

I have just returned from New Orleans and we will be selling NOLA art in 2 great stores

 on Royal Ave:

Le Jarding Glass Art

Roux Royale




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I also have been sculpting a new 2015 style of work you might like at popandcandy.com

It is currently displayed at ONE OF A KIND in Charleston, SC

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New Limited Edition Giclee (signed & numbered editions) are now available for internet only prices: PLEASE Email request with size and title and I will give you the specific price!! They come signed/ numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Matting available. 

     Email: terrygar@hotmail.com


Sanibel and Southwest Florida Vacation Memories Forever



  "Bubble Room"



KEY WEST Vacation Memories Forever


  "Greetings from Key West" 



  "Key West Map" 



  "Hemingway House , Key West"    



New Orleans Vacation Memories Forever 



  "Margaritaville of New Orleans"






Terry Gardiner's west coast studio had this view

Gardiner Artist Statement

"My love of the gulf coast comes alive in my paintings"      


 My first art instructor told me to go out and use my eyes to really see the earth. After practice my artistic perspective and observation techniques developed,  enabling me to paint places and objects more like I truly see and more importantly, feel them. Light patterns, texture of objects, sea depth, reflection, character and color definition were things I studied and practiced. 

At my first  gallery show in Venice,  Andy Warhol visited and told my gallery representative that the work was the best new art he'd ever seen.  That propelled me into the art world! In the Ft Myers area of southwest Florida there is a certain romance to the landscape and gulf beaches; like nowhere else it draws me in. The flow of the sand dunes and placement of palm trees and waterways has been the same for centuries.  It makes a lot of sense to me, as it must have to the original settlers and travelers. I will lay on the beach under an umbrella tree and try to create on canvas the actual feelings and senses of the coast I'm getting in those moments. When viewing my work I want you to be taken to the beaches and cities of Lee and Collier counties. If I can create that feeling in my viewers, then my work is complete and successful.

To purchase prints please email:

     E Mail: terrygar@hotmail.com

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