Timeless Art by Terry Gardiner

Terry Gardiner

                I follow my own intuition and experience to create thought provoking  minimalist images. I believe my viewer is pulled toward the painting as they grasp the meaning and simplicity of my statement.



 Minimalist Series







  12" X 18"  Acrylic on  Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 






Wild Mustang in Nevada

  18" X 24"  Mixed Media, Epoxy covered Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 





  15" X 20"  Mixed Media,  Arches  140 Lb washed watercolor rag 



Equine Exploration Series






 24" X 48"  Mixed Media, canvas 






Wild Horses in Nevada

22" X 30"  Mixed Media,  Epoxy coated Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 




"Red Stallion"


  24" X 36"  Mixed Media,  On Canvas 




"Equus caballus"



 18" X 27"  Mixed Media, Epoxy covered Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 




"Escape from the Merry Go Round"



  16" X 20"  Mixed Media,  canvas 






  18" X 12"  Mixed Media, Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 





"Dancing Horses"


  18" X 12"  Mixed Media,  Arches 140 Lb watercolor rag 





Concept Series by my horse "Woodrow"

  To Explain: these 3 works are actual standing positions of my horse, front hoofs or back, while in the stable or out on trail.  







waiting on concrete
   30" X 40"  Acrylic on Canvas 







resting in the paddock
   30" X 40"  Acrylic on Canvas 







out on the trail, a bird flies out of a bush and the horse jumps an inch in flight mode
   30" X 40"  Acrylic on Canvas 





 One of my first Gallery Show Visitors 1980 




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Gardiner Artist Statement

"My love of Horses comes alive in this series of paintings"      


 My first art instructor in 1969 told me to go out and use my eyes to really see the world. After practice my artistic perspective and observation techniques developed,  enabling me to paint places and objects more like I truly see and more importantly, feel them. Light patterns, texture of objects, depth of color, reflection, and shapes were things I studied and practiced. 

At my first  gallery show in Venice California,  Andy Warhol visited and signed in my guest book  that the work was the best art he's seen, lately.  That propelled me into the pop and minimalist art world! As I studied the art movements of New York City in the 60's,70's & 80's I got excited about the minimalist artists. My love of horses, combined with this Minimalism gave me an idea to create a  new concept. As I trained my horse "WOODROW" each day, I would watch him as he followed my simple commands around the paddock area, he gave me this minimalist idea while standing patiently for long lengths of time, while I worked with tack or talked to someone. He would stand in one spot, looking at me and waiting for the next command, true patience. He has helped me paint these by letting me paint his hooves and stand on canvas and pose for me in many locations.


     E Mail: terrygar@hotmail.com

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